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Neeri Syrup Uses & Neeri Tablet Uses | Side Effects | Dosage

Hello brothers and sisters, I hope you are doing very well in your life. If you are studying now in your life and you want to know about the uses of neeri syrup, neeri tablet. Or you are becoming a doctor and you want to know about the uses of neeri tablet uses, neeri kft syrup uses. Or you are doing anything in your life and you want to know about neeri recruitment, neeri tablet dosage, syp neeri dose. So in this article you can know everything about neeri tablet benefits, neeri kft syrup benefits, neeri tablet uses and side effects and side effects of neeri syrup etc.

In this article we will know everything about dosage etc. Therefore, you should read this article in a calm and good place.

Neeri Syrup Uses and Neeri Tablet Uses

Neeri syrup and Neeri tablets are the same medicine and both have similar uses and treat the same disease. You know that in today’s time, we are troubled by many types of diseases, and due to diseases everyone, be it children or youth, is troubled. In such a situation, if you have a problem with stones and you are not able to urinate properly. So you can use neeri tablet uses, neeri syrup uses. You should know that neeri syrup and neeri tablet are an Ayurvedic medicine. This medicine is manufactured by AIMIL Pharmaceuticals India LTD. This company is a very old company. So you can trust this company.

This neeri tablet and neeri syrup can be used by both children and youth. If you have stones in your stomach, kidney, or anywhere else, if you want to avoid stones then you can use neeri syrup, neeri tablet. This medicine is made from many herbs and these herbs are found in very old forests hence these herbs have great strength. Due to this, all your stomach problems get cured.

Neeri Tablet Benefits and Neeri Syrup Benefits

As we know neeri tablets, neeri syrup, neeri kft syrup are made from herbs and many fruits, flowers etc. And it is an Ayurvedic medicine. If we use neeri kft syrup uses, neeri tablet uses, we can get a lot of benefits, so let us know about the benefits of neeri tablet syrup.

  1. By consuming Neeri syrup, neeri tablet uses, neeri kft syrup, our stomach problems go away.
  2. We use Neeri syrup, neeri tablet for kidney stones and most of the doctors advise people to use Neeri syrup, neeri tablet for kidney stones.
  3. It cures all the problems occurring in our kidneys.
  4. If a person has burning sensation while urinating, urination does not occur properly. So by consuming this neeri syrup, neeri tablet uses, neeri kft syrup, urination gets cured.
  5. If a person has weakness or pain in the body, then all stomach diseases are cured by consuming this medicine.

Neeri Syrup Dose and Neeri Tablet Dose

If any person has problems with stones or urination or kidney, then doctors ask to use this medicine. So if you want to avoid your disease then it is very important to use this medicine on the advice of the doctor. If we talk about the dosage of syp neeri dose, neeri syrup dose, neeri kft syrup dose, neeri tablet dose, dose of neeri tablet, then a child can take 1 tablet of this medicine in the morning and evening and take 5ml of syrup in the morning and evening. Can. And if an elder person is taking neeri tablet then the elder person can take 2 tablets in the morning and evening.

And the syrup can be taken 7ml in the morning and evening. neeri syrup dosage before or after food However, take this medicine and other medicines as per your doctor’s advice. If you take any medicine without a doctor’s advice, you may face problems in the future. So visit a good doctor near your home and use neeri tablet, neeri kft syrup, neeri syrup.

Neeri Syrup Side Effects and Neeri Tablet Side Effects

We know that in earlier times, very few people suffered from diseases, and in earlier times, people suffering from diseases recovered quickly. But as the world is changing today, new diseases are emerging in humans. If we are suffering from diseases then it is because of the change in this world that we humans are suffering.

And we ourselves have polluted the environment. We want that there should not be even a single piece of garbage in our house, but there should be garbage outside on the streets. It is our responsibility to save our country from getting dirty and not throw garbage on the roads and send garbage in the dustbin. And there are many reasons for environmental pollution due to which the environment has become dirty. Therefore, if we want to make the environment better, we have to be aware.

Only then will we be able to avoid diseases. So those who consume neeri syrup, neeri tablet will not suffer any harm from the medicines. Because it is an Ayurvedic medicine but sometimes someone gets allergic due to the consumption of this medicine. So you must meet a doctor. A doctor will examine you thoroughly. By the way, till date no side effects of this tablet have been found in humans like neeri tablet side effects, neeri syrup side effects, neeri kft side effects, so there is no need for you to panic.

Neeri Tablet Price and Neeri Syrup Price

If you want to buy neeri syrup, neeri kft syrup, neeri tablet online then you can easily buy it online. If you buy any item online then it saves a lot of your time. And you can use your time properly. You can check and buy neeri tablet price, neeri syrup 200ml price, neeri syrup price, neeri kft syrup price by clicking on the button below. You get medicines online at good and cheap prices. If you buy from a medicine shop, sometimes the medicine shop owners give you expensive medicines. Therefore, you should be aware and buy medicines online, this will make good use of time and will also save time.

neeri syrup
AIMIL NEERI Syrup for Kidney Health | Useful in Urinary Tract Infections (UTI) | 200 ML
neeri kft syrup
Aimil Neeri Kft Sugar Free Syrup – 200 ml
Neeri Tablet Pack of 30 Count
Neeri Tablet Pack of 30 Count

Neeri Tablet and Neeri Syrup Precautions

If you are taking neeri tablet uses, neeri syrup uses, neeri kft syrup and you have stones or any other problem related to kidney or urination and you are consuming it daily then it will not cause any harm to you. But if you are using neeri tablet uses, neeri syrup uses, neeri kft syrup excessively then you may suffer harm in future. This means that by taking neeri tablet uses, neeri syrup uses, neeri kft syrup in large quantities, people may have to face harm in the future.

Therefore, when you are consuming it, do it as per the time and as per the doctor’s instructions. If the doctor asks you to take neeri tablet uses, neeri syrup uses, neeri kft syrup for 3 months or 6 months, then take it for the same number of months. If you are using this neeri tablet uses, neeri syrup uses, neeri kft syrup for more than 6 months then it can harm you. Therefore, definitely visit a doctor once.


I hope you have understood this article well by reading it in a nice and quiet place. We have covered everything related to your query in this article neeri syrup uses, neeri tablet uses, neeri kft syrup, neeri syrup price, neeri syrup uses and side effects, neeri tablet uses and side effects, syrup neeri kft, neeri tablet price, syp neeri kft, neeri kft syrup patient reviews, neeri tablet dosage, neeri kft tablet, neeri kft syrup benefits, neeri kft side effects, difference between neeri and neeri kft, neeri medicine, neeri tablet composition etc. and you can read the article and You can know everything in the article.

So if you have read this article then it is very good and if you have not read it completely. So you should read this article again because we should take knowledge from wherever we get it. For us the knowledge is very good and reliable so read it again and clear all your doubts. You read this article three or four times. If you read this article three or four times, you will be able to understand all the information given in this article very well.


Neeri Tablet in Pregnancy

Neeri Tablet in Pregnancy: If a pregnant woman is using neeri kft syrup, neeri tablet, neeri syrup, then definitely consult a doctor once. A pregnant woman should use any medicine only as per the doctor’s advice.

Difference Between Neeri and Neeri Kft

Difference between neeri and neeri Kft: Doctors give both these medicines to the patient in case of kidney problems. Both these medicines are from the same company, hence the effect of both these medicines is the same. But after seeing the patient, the doctor gives one of these two medicines.

Neeri Tablet or Syrup Which Is Best

Neeri Tablet or Syrup Which Is Best? This is a question of many people, so both are right according to themselves. If you like to take neeri kft syrup, or neeri syrup then you can take syrup. And if you like taking a tablet then you can take a tablet.

Neeri Tablet Composition

Neeri tablet composition includes pure asphaltum about 150 mg, Raphanus sativus ash about 200 mg, Piper cubeba about 150 mg etc. This neeri tablet, neeri syrup, neeri kft syrup are prepared from Ayurvedic herbs.

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