How Does Amoeba Obtain Its Food

How Does Amoeba Obtain Its Food

Hello students and people, As we know oxygen is essential for life. Similarly, education is also important, so according to your question, today we will get information about amoeba, and what is amoeba. How Does Amoeba Obtain Its Food? Or how does Amoeba obtain its food class 9 NCERT solutions and competitive exam? Will get information about where amoeba are found and their structure, nutrition reproduction, etc. This information will help you greatly in your exam. Therefore, read this article thoroughly and you will pass your exam well.

What Is Amoeba

Amoeba is a single-celled organism. Amoeba has the ability to change its shape into any shape. It swallows small particles of food with the help of jaws. Amoeba is mostly found on the surface of rivers, ponds, lakes, and other fresh water.

Amoeba are so small that we can see them only through a microscope, otherwise, we cannot see them amoeba. The first recorded discovery of the amoeba was by August Johann Rösel von Rosenhof in 1755. His discovery was named his discovery “Der Kleine Proteus” (“the Little Proteus”). Another name or psychological name for Amoeba is Amoeba Proteus which we can also know by the name of genus.

How Does Amoeba Get Its Food?

Amoeba is an omnivorous creature. He gets his food from things living in water. It gets its food from microorganisms like bacteria, algae, etc. floating in the water. Amoeba pranisum is nourished by autophagy. Amoeba swallows its food by endocytosis. Amoeba melts and absorbs it from any surface by scratching.

Following Are the Amoeba Steps of the Nutrition Method

Amoeba is ingested first. After that, food is taken in through digestion, absorption, and absorption. To get food, the amoeba first moves towards it by forming a pseudopodia, then it surrounds it with the pseudopodia, forming a cup-like structure that we call a food cup.

the Amoeba Steps of the Nutrition Method
The Amoeba Steps of the Nutrition Method

In the image above you can see the following steps of the nutrition method of amoeba by looking at that image you can learn the different of amoeba nutrition and you can learn more about Nutrition in Amoeba from Byjus.

Following Is the Structure of the Amoeba

If you are a student and your teacher will definitely ask you the structure of an amoeba, then here you have the following structure of an amoeba which you can remember in points and you can tell the answer to your teacher very well. So that you will become a good student in front of your teacher.

  1. The circumference of the amoeba is. It is of irregular shape. It changes its shape continuously.
  2. Its living substance is colorless and transparent. Many finger-like projections form and disappear on its body, which are called pseudopodia.
  3. Pseudopodias are formed from the front end. And at the western end, they become extinct. Due to which wrinkles are visible, the posterior end of the amoeba is called uroid.

What are pseudopodia in Amoeba?

P is silent in pseudopodia. That’s why we pronounce it pseudopodia. Sedopodia is composed of 2 terms. The first one is pseudo and the second one is called podia and pseudo means false which is wrong which does not happen in reality and podia means. Limbs means hands and feet and this pseudopodia is a finger-like projection.

There is a finger-like structure that is seen inside the amoeba and from inside it the amoeba catches the food material to eat. The other one helps in walking because the limbs are not their original hands and legs. It just seems so, hence the name of this structure is pseudopodia.

What are the functions of pseudopodia in Amoeba?

We have read about cidopodia, what is cidopodia and we have also understood well how does amoeba obtain its food. So now we will know the function of cidopodia, what is the function of cidopodia in amoeba. Then we will know the following. We will know the points so that we can score good marks on the exam.

  1. In amoeba, locomotion occurs through pseudopods or false legs.
  2. These appear as round finger-like projections at the ends. Or become extinct later.
  3. Due to being round at the end, they are also called lobopodia.

Classification of cells

Cell Definition, Classification

Amoeba can be grouped under the Kingdom Protista and amoeba are neither classified as plants, animals nor fungi. Amoeba comes under eukaryotes because amoeba has a true nucleus.

The questions and answers about amoeba asked every year in the exam are told below. Therefore, read the article very carefully. Read this article carefully and know the answer to every question about amoeba.


At What Temperature Can Amoeba Fill?

Amoeba lives independently. He does not trouble man. Most amoebas can sometimes infect humans and cause other problems. The amoeba that eats most of the brain can cause permanent brain sati and even death. If amoeba is growing in the human body then it likes to live in moist and wet places. Only then can he survive. Otherwise, the amoeba may get harmed because the body temperature is high.

How Can Water Be Filtered to Remove Amoebas?

Amoebas like to live in things like moisture. The main cause of amoeba infection is drinking dirty water. It is not possible to get rid of all microorganisms. We have to see whether the water we are drinking is clean or not. We have to see whether the water we are drinking is fit for use or not. To clean the water, it is recommended to use chlorine treatment or distilled water. A man should consume pure water for drinking.

Is Amoeba a Unicellular Organism?

Yes, the amoeba is a single-celled organism. They live in moisture-like water. Amoeba is a single-celled eukaryotic organism. Amoeba has no definite shape due to pseudiacidia.

Who Discovered Amoeba and When?

Amoeba was discovered by August Johann Rosel von Rosenhof who was a German entomologist, miniaturist, and entomologist. He discovered amoeba in 1755.

Amoeba Is at Which Level of Organization?

Amoeba cells are not considered to belong to a single taxonomic group. Found in many lineages of eukaryotic organisms. Examples include bacteria, fungi, protozoa, etc.


Today you have learned well about amoeba in this article. In this article, I have written this article according to the exam questions of all of you. You can read this article thoroughly. Whether you are a student or you are preparing for any competitive exam. In this article, I have told you about how does amoeba obtain its food, how does amoeba obtain its food class 6, 7, 8, and 9 NCERT solutions, how does amoeba obtain its food class 9th or how does amoeba obtain its food short answer.

If you did not understand this article, then read this article again, you will understand it well because I have written this article in very easy language and the answers are very good.

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