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CTET Result 2023 Live: Result Link Active at ctet. nic. in

Hello friends, because we were eagerly waiting for the result of the 2023 exam, now you do not need to wait. The result of the CTET exam which you had clearly given has come today 25th September 2023, so we will know ctet result 2023 and ctet admit card how we can check the result of the CTET, so let us know in a very easy way.

CTET Result 2023

The result of the exam you gave in August has been declared. You can check your results by visiting the official website ctet. nic. in of CTET and downloading your results.

Let me tell you that among the students who appeared for the exam in August, 400000 candidates passed the exam on 25 September in Result 2023, in which the passing percentage has become 13.77. 24.61% for Paper 1 and 8.66% for Paper 2.

You should know that in the exam you gave on 20th August 2023, your marks are also declared on the basis of castes.

If you are a general category candidate then you have to get 60 percent 90/150 marks and if you are an OBC SC ST category candidate then you have to get 55 percent 82/150 marks.

Is CTET Result 2023 Compulsory for PGT?

Not at all, The PGT Post Graduate Teacher Central Teacher Eligibility Test is not mandatory. It is not mandatory for those who want to teach students from class 9th to 12th. It is for those people or teachers who want to teach students from class 1 to class 8.

If you apply for PGT posts then you must have a master’s degree in the subject you want to teach. Apart from having memories, it is also important for you to have a B.Ed degree or Bachelor of Education. Only then will you be able to teach students.

Is CTET Result 2023  Compulsory for all who are looking for teacher jobs?

Yes, if you want to become a teacher and you want to teach from first class to eighth class. Then it is necessary for you to take the CTET exam. And you have to bring good marks in the CTET exam. Only then can you become a teacher in a school and teach students.

If you live in any state. Every state has its own different roles. So before taking the CTET exam, you should know thoroughly about the CTET in your state. And how many marks are required to pass? Up to what class can we teach students? As far as other things are concerned, every state has its own rules, so you should know your state well first.

Is B. Ed Compulsory for the CTET Exam?

Before taking the CTET exam, you will be surrounded by many questions, out of which your first question is if I take the CTET exam, will I have to take the B.Ed exam first and I should have a B.Ed degree? So let me tell you that there is nothing like that. B.ed is not mandatory for people appearing for the CTET exam. Therefore, you do not need to take tension and prepare for the exam with a calm mind. No matter which exam you are preparing for. Don’t listen to anyone’s nonsense.

Is CTET Result 2023: Is it valid for a Lifetime?

If you have taken the CTET exam and have got good marks in your exam, then the CTET result is valid for life. You can show your results while becoming a teacher in any school. If you have got good marks then no one can stop you from becoming a teacher.

And if someone has got less marks in CTET then you can perform well in your marks. You can retake the exam and get good marks. It is very important for you to study carefully before taking the exam again. Therefore, pay attention while studying, if you study well then you will get good marks.

CTET Result 2023: How many candidates pass

Those who appeared for the CTET exam this year must have known by now how many people have qualified for this CTET result 2023. If you don’t know then let us know. This year, 24.61% of candidates have got good marks in CTET Paper First and 8.66% of candidates have got good marks in Paper Second. If you have not got good marks then you can re-examine and get good marks.

If I qualify for the CTET exam, how much salary will I get? 

ctet. nic. in ctet result 2023
CTET exam result 2023

You have taken the CTET exam and have got good marks. But you all must be wondering how much salary a person gets after taking the CTET exam, then I want to tell you that the salary depends on many factors. Like school, state, experience, etc. However, your salary at this time can range from Rs 30,000 to Rs 50,000.


In this article, we learned how we can check the CTET Result of 25 September 2023. In this, we learned how many marks are passed in the CTET exam and what is the salary of a teacher after taking the CTET exam, etc. We have learned a lot from this. Therefore, if you read this article, you will get very good information.

Congratulations. You have got good marks in the CTET exam and you can re-examine to get more good marks and get good marks.


What is the website to check CTET Marks?

If you want to check the result of the CTET exam, then you can check your result by visiting the personal website of CTET. The name of CTET’s personal website is www.ctet.nic.in. You can check ctet.nic.in by searching them on Google.

How to check CTET Result 2023?

Very few people know how to check the result of the CTET exam, so let me tell you that you can check your result by visiting www.ctet.nic.in the official website of CTET.

When CTET Result will be declared 2023?

Everyone must be waiting very eagerly for when CTET Result 2023 will finally be declared, CTET Result 2023 will be declared online on 25 September 2023.

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