How To Teach LKG And UKG Students

How to Teach LKG and UKG Students? (Learn the Fun Way)

Hello teachers and parents and people, in this article we will know how we can teach children LKG and UKG students. If you are a parent and you are teaching your kids at home or you are a tutor or you are teaching kids at home and you are a teacher and you are teaching kids in school online or offline and you have this Want to know how to teach LKG and UKG students. In what order and in what pattern should the children of LKG and UKG classes be taught? What are the subjects of UKG class and how to teach UKG children, then read this article completely today.

This article will be very useful for you if we want to know how to teach subjects to LKG class children and UKG class children or LKG and UKG subjects etc. and to know Visio activities for LKG and UKG. So read this article very carefully and in a quiet place. Only then will you be able to understand well.

How to teach LKG and UKG students in the tuition or at home?

The classes that come before the first class are LKG and UKG, while the KG class is very important. Especially the basics of reading and writing start from here and after going to the first class, the lessons taught to us become less. And the share of teaching increases. Meaning, we have to complete things like teaching reading and writing in LKG and UKG only. Completing them in the first class itself falls short. In a way, you can say that children should know how to read and write well so that those students do not face any problems in going to the first class.

If you are a teacher then it is very important for you to know LKG and UKG full form because any student can ask you in the class. So LKG and UKG full form is LKG (Lower Kindergarten), and UKG (Upper Kindergarten). So now we know the way to teach LKG and UKG. What is first class? LKG class and UKG class are very important when questions, answers, reading, writing, and other things increase for children. 

It is very important for teachers to teach it carefully. Hindi is not introduced at many places in the nursery in KG class. Writing is also done exclusively orally. If there is no writing in KG then a new subject of writing in Hindi is added in KG to teach which is very important for the students. If students do not learn LKG and UKG then they may have to face a lot of problems after going to first class.

LKG and UKG Students Subjects

In KG class, Hindi, Mathematics, English, and Environmental Science subjects are the core subjects. Some schools add general knowledge and others add subjects. But basically, these are 4 subjects and we teachers should teach these 4 subjects in KG class. Because if we teach too many subjects to children then their brains will not function. And the child will not be able to learn anything on his own. Because the child does not have enough brain to read and learn much. Therefore, we should teach CBSE LKG and UKG students and children slowly and in fewer subjects.

Because as I said, our importance is to teach students to write and read well in LKG and UKG classes. We have to teach these 4 subjects well to the students so that whether they go to first class or any other class, the children of KG class do not face any problems.

How to teach LKG and UKG students in the tuition or school?

Now I will tell you pattern ways by which you can learn LKG Students. And can teach UKG students because it is a little different from nursery. But still, we have to include things from nursery and younger classes also. And new things have to be added also, so you have to do the basic thing which is the first prayer, prayer, of course we have to do it for the students of UKG and LKG class. And make the students in KG pray and kids rhymes and children don’t close your eyes. Whatever songs are played during prayers, they have a great impact on small children.

Especially when you are starting your studies, on your first day of teaching, then if you are teaching LKG class children in school or UKG class students or teaching small children in tuition or online. Are teaching. So you must teach prayer and make them do oral activities. As much as verbal and these rhymes this thing gets done. It is not the aim of the students or the teacher to merely make them remember this. Making the students memorize the particular rhymes, is just the teacher’s job, so teachers make mistakes in this way. Its main objective is to give a little warm-up to the teachers, students, and children.

To give a happy beginning to the children and students that we have not just come to study in the class. You take the book and make the student sit. If we talk about reading and writing, the students in LKG and UKG classes are small, so those children do not develop interest. Children get scared and do not feel like studying. Therefore, for the sake of children, you should do it according to their interests. And whatever interest comes to your mind and activities for LKG and UKG, you can also do it.

How to Teach LKG and UKG Students? (Learn the Fun Way)
How to Teach LKG and UKG Students? (Learn the Fun Way)

So, to warm up LKG and UKG students, teach them some physical activities like songs, dance, activity for LKG class, activities for UKG students and sit-ups. In Begin On class, first of all you have to do this and also introduce them to new things. This also has a different significance. Please remind them of the poems. Make children remember whatever concepts you are teaching through Hindi poetry, English poetry, mathematics, numerology and pictures. This is very important for children and teachers also.

So, as I told you about oral recitation, when you have children do this rhyming song and dance activity. After this, got some oral lessons done. In the oral part, like you are making the children do math, you have learned counting and alphabets, so this is the oral part, most of the time children will not see the visuals, they think about the oral things. Everything has its own importance which I will tell you further.

Importance of Oral Parts for Lkg and Ukg Students

The oral part is very important. Many times the child is unable to see. If you teach children online then they will not look at the screen like this. If you teach children through offline tuition or teach children in school then the student or the child will not look at you. So oral things: Sometimes even when children are doing mischief, children listen to things and the matter reaches their ears. So definitely teach them other oral things. Whatever concept you are teaching, whether it is a concept of numbers, alphabets, GK concept of EVS, or Hindi alphabet, all these are also in oral form, you must tell them to the children in the beginning.

As I said, it’s a little bit of a warm-up first. When a child learns oral, he starts the class with prayers, rhymes, and songs and then you have to do the oral part. Then you got the oral done, like I told you about the oral process, some KG students and children remember the oral after hearing it. Then LKG Students and UKG Students learn by seeing visual things. Children learn by seeing visual things. Then you have to complete visual items in your classroom. You have to keep it in the class as if the charts were done.

After showing the book and reading it, ask the children to look at the books and have them read the pictures. When you make children read words, you are teaching them some concepts by showing them visual things and objects. Then if you teach children by showing them material things, then teach them. Show it in a chart, show it in a book, or show it practically.

Ask the children to find something for the children at home or in the school where you are teaching. Ask them to find and bring something small, or to find and bring a big thing, this is an example. There are many such things. We can do many creative works just by thinking about something ourselves.

Therefore, when we teach something to LKG and UKG children by combining both oral and visual, the child learns better and it also helps the teacher. Due to this children do not harass teachers and children study and understand teachers lovingly and well.

LKG and UKG Students

So before you start writing to children directly, involve them in the activity a little. Basic things like patterns etc., the child learns in nursery. And we have to make children revise capital A to Z and along with this we also have to pay attention to cursive writing. Because cursive writing is mostly given importance in schools. Because cursive writing is great for kids. Cursive writing is important because with it the child writes quickly and beautifully and the writing is also very beautiful. So Cursive Writing Tutor teacher has to introduce it to LKG Students and UKG students and kids because in the first class, students have to do writing.

So you must involve some activities in the writing part also. Like you have to make an alphabet by connecting the dots or you have to make a number. Do activities like these with these words and whatever your concepts are when you are teaching EVS. Organize some coloring activities related to vegetables and fruits. If it is available in the book then get the KG children to color it and if it is not available in the book then download the worksheet and get them coloring it. Do it slowly because doing all this increases children’s interest and children also learn quickly.

So you must do the activity writing in-wall in the writing part. And in writing also, like I told you in curriculum writing, you have to make it active. You have to teach children to make 2-letter words and 3-letter words. You should make KG students make small simple sentences because this helps the children later in class 1 and other classes. You can do the same thing for activities for LKG students and activities for UKG students in Hindi also.

Activity for LKG and UKG: One-letter words, two-letter words, three-letter words, four-letter words, and some short sentences without quantity. The teacher has to teach nursery LKG UKG to the students. In Kindergarten and Class 1, children are taught quantity words. Therefore, children of LKG class and UKG classes should know basic writing of Hindi, writing small sentences, writing a few words, and all this.

Even in mathematics, the teacher has to tell all the numbers before, after, etc. We also teach this to children through many activities and worksheets. First of all, we should organize color ring activities and arts and crafts with KG class students. This is their learning curve and they are capable of learning well from everyone. If we conduct all these activities in children’s education, then this article is so that parents and teachers can know how to teach children in the class and learn all the things well.


If you teach your children at home, but your child does not study. So in this article, we learned how you can teach KG class children. And you teach home tuition at home, home tuition to KG class. If you teach tuition to UKG classes then I have told you how you can teach LKG and UKG students in-home tuition. And if you are a teacher and you don’t know how to teach KG class students in a good way in school. I have written all these things in this article. And so, I hope that by reading this article completely you will get answers to all your questions. Thank you!

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