best physics teacher on youtube

Best Physics Teacher on YouTube

Hello friends, if you are studying in school or college. And you have a lot of trouble in physics subjects, you do not understand physics. So from today you will understand Physics easily and will pass with good marks in Physics Science in your competitive exams and in school. In this article, we will learn about the best physics teacher on YouTube and who is the physics best teacher on YouTube.

If you want to study for free, then YouTube is the only platform where we can study physics from the best physics teachers. And we can easily prepare for the JEE NEET exam and prepare for our competitive exams. So let us know the best physics teacher on YouTube so that we can study easily and well.

Top 5 Best Physics Teacher on Youtube

Physics is such a subject which is very easy to understand if studied by a good teacher. So let us know the 5 best physics teachers on YouTube by studying so that you can get good marks in your exam.

5. Unacademy JEE | Jayant Nagda

This channel was started on YouTube in 2014, which today has 2.32M subscribers. Jayant Nagda sir has been teaching in unacademy for a long time. You can call Jayant Nagda Sir the best teacher for physics on YouTube. Because it helps lakhs and crores of students prepare for IIT JEE easily. By studying Physics well from Unacademy, you can get good marks in your exam.

4. Unacademy JEE | Namo sir

Namo sir, it helps students a lot in their exams. Namo sir, he teaches in Unacademy JEE, he will teach you Physics very well. If you are in class 11 then you can easily understand physics by reading the best physics teacher on youtube for class 11.

3. Physics Galaxy | Ashish Arora Sir

Physics Galaxy is a YouTube channel. On this channel you will get only physics videos. Physics Galaxy has 1.17 million subscribers on YouTube. By watching videos of IIT JEE and other competitive exams on YouTube, you can get good marks in your exams. If you want to study Physics of class 11, then you can easily study Physics of Class 11 and Class 12.

physics best teacher on youtube

2. Physics Wallah | Alakh Pandey

Physics Wallah Alakh Pandey Sir, you must have heard the name. Today, most of the students on YouTube prefer to read Physics from Physics Wallah. Today Physics Wallah – Alakh Pandey sir has 11.3 million subscribers on YouTube. Physics Wallah helps a lot in JEE NEET exam preparation and Physics subjects for class 10, class 11, class 12 and other students.

1. Etoos Education | Nv Sir

Nv sir will teach you physics very well and in a much better way. Etoos Education YouTube channel belongs to Nv sir but the credit for this channel goes to Physics Wallah. Today NV Sir Etoos has 1.52 million subscribers on YouTube. You must read Physics from Nv sir once. Whether you are preparing for JEE and NEET or you are studying or you are preparing for any competitive exam, you must read Physics from Nv sir once.


Whatever you are doing in your life, you can take your own decisions. Therefore, if you want to study Physics well, then you can study Physics from any good channel of your choice on YouTube. The way of teaching physics of all the teachers on YouTube is different, so whichever teacher you like, you can study well from him. And you can choose the best physics teacher on YouTube as per your choice.

I hope that now you have understood well who is the best physics teacher on YouTube. best physics teacher in YouTube You must have known this now, so now study well and pass your exam with good marks.

If you want a good physics teacher for yourself then you can tell us. We will give you a good physics teacher as per your requirement who will teach you well in a personal manner and you will pass the exam with good marks.

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