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Hello friends, today in this article we will learn about neopeptine drops and neopeptine syrup as per your question. How to use neopeptine drops uses and neopeptine syrup uses, and what it is used for. Parents need to know neopeptine drops uses for babies for their children. neopeptine drops and syrup for baby What is this, what kind of enzyme is it we know that drops and syrup are a digestion enzyme given to children.

In this article we will know the Side Effects and Dosage of Neopeptine, Precautions and neopeptine drops uses and neopeptine syrup uses. How many times neopeptine syrup and how many drops can we use in a day for children? What are its advantages and disadvantages? What are the neopeptine syrup price and drops price? And how is it beneficial for children and how should we parents use it for children? let’s find out.

What is Neopeptine?

Neopeptine is a kind of medicine that is the solution to the stomach problems of children. If children’s stomach is bloated, digestion is not happening, food is not eaten. In case of problems like the child keeps crying, etc. Then we use Neopeptine. There are many Neopeptine companies but the trusted company is Raptakos, Brett & Co. Ltd. This company is very old and people in this company use only Neopeptine Drop and Neopeptine liquid a lot.

Components Playing Important Roles in Neopeptin

We know why we use neopeptine drops or neopeptine syrup but for us parents or people, it is also important to know the components of the new neopeptine. So that we should know how children benefit from neopeptine. So let’s know the components.

Dill Oil: When children’s stomach is bloated and the child is not able to eat, then there is a dill oil and an herb which is made with anti-bacterial properties. It helps a lot in digesting food. It gives relief from stomach pain and does not allow gas to form in the stomach.

Caraway Oil: This increases the ability to eat food. It also has antibacterial properties that help in preserving food quickly. There is no pain in the stomach and does not allow the stomach to swell.

Papain: When a child eats a lot of food, it digests the food by breaking down complex proteins into simpler forms. 

What Are Neopeptine Drops?

When we were children, we did not know what problems we had in our stomachs in childhood. But our parents knew and to overcome our stomach problems, parents used to give us medicines, due to which we would get cured.

Therefore, in today’s time, it is the responsibility of us parents to cure the stomach-related problems of children. So with neopeptine drops uses for babies, we can cure stomach-related problems in children like flatulence, indigestion, belching, and crying of babies, etc. with the help of neopeptine drops for babies.

Do not neopeptine drops uses on the advice of others, rather neopeptine drops uses for babies only after consulting a doctor. Because this drop is also harmful to the stomach of children.

Know the Neopeptine Drops Uses in Simple Language

Neopeptine drops for babies are used when a child has loss of appetite, stomach ache, constipation, heartburn or vomiting, etc. Let us know the combination of neopeptine drops. And also they know in what strength this combination is made.

Alpha-Amylase – 20 mg
Papain – 10 mg
DILL OIL – 2 mg
CARAWAY Oil – 2 mg
ANISE Oil – 2 mg
Per 1 ml
The composition of Neopeptine

This medicine contains alpha-amylase digestive enzyme which helps in digesting our food and is natural. It is accepted by the liver and the papain is also a kind of enzyme that works to break down the food. You should keep in mind that drop is used for children below 2 years of age.

Neopeptine Drops Doses

If you are a parent and you are worried about your child’s stomach problem, then neopeptine drops doses are very beneficial for your children below 2 years of age. For children, 4-5 drops of neopeptine drops uses for babies in the morning and 4-5 drops in the evening. This will provide a lot of comfort to the children and the child will not cry.

Neopeptine Drops Side Effects

If you are using the drops excessively then children may vomit, but neopeptine drops side effects do not have any such side effects. Especially there are no side effects in the drops because natural caraway oils have been used in the drops, so there is no need to worry. But when you are using neopeptine syrup, then consult a doctor once if necessary.

Neopeptine Drops Price

The Neopeptine 15 ml drops price at ₹280 online. You can purchase it online which will save a lot of your time and there will be no loss in your work.

-3% ₹288 (₹622.22 /100 ml)

M.R.P.: ₹280

Neopeptine Liquid Drops (15 ml) Price
Neopeptine Liquid Drops (15 ml)

What Is Neopeptine Syrup?

Neopeptine syrup is used in children above 2 years of age. When children’s food is not digested. This enzyme is given in case of stomach problems like a burning sensation etc. Its results are very good because it is a very old company and people are already using neopeptine liquid syrup doctors also recommend using neopeptine syrup.

Know the Neopeptine Syrup Uses in Simple Language

We know that it is the responsibility of us parents to take care of our children. When a child has problems like loss of appetite, stomach pain, gas production, or flatulence, we use Neopeptine syrup. And Neopeptine syrup is only for children above 2 years of age. Therefore, if your child is more than 2 years old then you can use it. Neopeptine syrup should be used for children so that your child remains healthy, can eat food, and become strong. Let us know its combination.

Alpha-Amylase – 100 mg
Papain – 50 mg
Per 5 ml
Neopeptine syrup combination

With its help, food gets digested and we feel very hungry due to which we eat food. And with its help, we do not face any kind of stomach problem.

Neopeptine Syrup Doses

If your child is 2 years or more than 2 years old then you can use Neopeptine syrup. When the child turns 4 or 5 years old, he does not eat properly and insists on playing. Due to this, there is a pain in the stomach and the child is not able to eat food properly. Then you can dose Neopeptine syrup 5 ml in the morning and evening. This will provide a lot of comfort to the children.

Neopeptine Syrup Side Effects

The doctor says that the side effects of neopeptine syrup are very less. Children may have stomach problems and children may vomit. However, it has negligible side effects. Drops and syrup have very few side effects, so there is no need to panic. By the way, if you are taking drops or syrup only, then definitely consult a doctor once.

Neopeptine Syrup Price

If your child is two, three, four, five, or more years old then you can use Neopeptine syrup first. You will get this Neopeptine Liquid 100ml syrup for Rs 140. This will increase your child’s appetite and his digestion will also improve the food will be digested well and your child will eat food well and become strong.

-9% ₹150 (₹140 /100 ml)

M.R.P.: ₹140

neopeptine syrup uses for baby
Neopeptine Syrup Liquid 100ml


If you are always sick or have diabetes or have any other kind of disease, then you should use it only after consulting a Kirpiya doctor. If you use it without a doctor’s advice, you may suffer from illness or allergy. You become your own doctor and keep taking advice from the doctor.


After reading this article, you must have got answers to your questions in this article and you must have known the answer to your query very well.

In this article, we learned about neopeptine drops uses and neopeptine syrup uses and neopeptine drops uses for babies and syp neopeptine and syrup neopeptine, uses for babies and side effects of drops syrup. If you did not understand the article then you will understand by reading this article again.

Before using neopeptine syrup and neopeptine drops, you must consult a doctor and only then use the neopeptine drops and syrup. Don’t listen to any strangers, consult a doctor and get advice.


The information given in this article is for general awareness and advice. The purpose of writing this article is only to make all of you aware. I am not giving you medical advice from this article. This article has been written only for your knowledge.

In this article, advice is not being given to take medicine on your own. Be sure to consult a doctor before taking any type of medicine. If anyone takes medicine after reading this article, he himself will be responsible for any kind of loss. Thank you!

Frequently Asked Questions

Neopeptine Drops Dosage for Newborn Baby

The dosage of Neopeptin Drops used for a newborn baby is, the dosage is given according to the weight of the baby and you can give 3-4 drops to your baby in the morning and evening. This will provide a lot of comfort to your child. You should definitely consult a doctor once.

Neopeptine Drops for 1 Month Baby

Whether your baby is 1 month old or 2 months old, you can cure your baby’s stomach problems by using neopeptine drops for 1-month baby and your baby will always remain safe from stomach problems.

Neopeptine Drops Dosage for 3 Months Baby

If your child is 3 months old or 1 year old then you can use New Proper Time Drops for your child. You can use it when your child has stomach problems. Regarding its dosage, you should take neopeptine drops dosage for 3 months baby only after consulting the doctor.

Neopeptine Drops Dosage for 2-year-old

Use any medicines only after taking the doctor’s advice. If your child is 2 years old and your child is having stomach problems then please use neopeptine drops. You should take its dosage only after asking the doctor. Actually, you can give four to five drops to your children in the morning and evening.

Neopeptine Syrup Dosage for 3-Year-Old

If your child is 3 years old, 4 years old, or 5 years old then please use only neopeptine syrup for the stomach problem of your child. By simply using it, your child’s stomach problems will go away and your child will be healthy and strong. If we talk about dosage, you can use 5ml a day in the morning and evening.

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