who can defeat lord shiva

Who Can Defeat Lord Shiva ?

Hello friends and friends, today we will know the answer to your question as to who can defeat Lord Shiva. We know that there are many people in this world and everyone believes in different gods. There are many castes, and religions in the world and every religion has its own God. We cannot directly say anything wrong about anyone’s God. No matter which religion God belongs to, God is the same, but we humans have given different names to God by creating different castes and religions.

No matter which religion you belong to and you believe in one God. It is not necessary to just believe in God in life. In life, we have to do good works like God. Only then will we please God and God will also help us in every problem.

We should not discriminate against any religion or caste. Today there are many hypocritical Baba who consider themselves God and keep people fighting among themselves. So you just have to follow God’s path. Do not follow the path of any hypocritical Baba Guru. Some hypocrites just do wrong things in the world. Because of this, he will go to hell after death, hence you will have to do good deeds. If you want to go to heaven.

Who is Lord Shiva?

The most considered tradition in Hindu religion is service to God. Let us tell you that Lord Shiva is a God and Hindu people worship Lord Shiva. According to the old book, no one created Lord Shiva. Lord Shiva is immortal. Similarly, let me tell you that in every religion God is immortal, but the people or messengers sent by God to earth were human beings, in whom people believe and follow their good path.

Lord Shiva is known by many names but God is one when Lord Shiva has so many names. Meaning everyone is one so we should learn something from Lord Shiva so that we all can do something in our life.

Who Are the Family Members of Lord Shiva?

Friends, do you know how many members are there in Lord Shiva’s family? If you do not know then let us know about the family of Lord Shiva.

You might know about Lord Shiva’s sons Karthik and Ganesha, but you may not know that Lord Shiva also has a daughter. Very few people know about this, so let’s start with Lord Shiva.

Lord Shiva is the head of the family. Shiva is considered to be the soul of creation. If Shiva is not there then the earth will be destroyed. For this reason, Shiva is called the Kaal Mahakaal of the blacks and the God of Gods. Shiva is the one who takes life and gives life. Now let us know about the daughter of Lord Shiva.

The name of Lord Shiva’s daughter is Ashok Sundari. According to old stories and beliefs of some people, to overcome her loneliness, Mother Parvati had sought the boon of having a girl child from Kalpavriksha, which fulfills everyone’s wishes. As a result of which Ashok Sundari was born.

Ashoka Sundari was married to the most powerful king. With the blessings of Mother Parvati, Ashok Sundari became the mother of 100 beautiful girls.

Now let’s talk about Mother Parvati, Jagadamba Parvati, wife of Lord Shiva. According to Shiva Purana, she is the daughter of mountain king Himalaya and Maina. Parvati is considered to be Shakti.

If there is no strength in the body then the body is useless, in such a situation Maa Durga gives strength to the person for success. Lord Shiva himself has known the importance of power.

Kartik ji is the eldest son of Lord Shiva. Kartik ji has the post of commander of the gods. He is an embodiment of courage. At a young age, he had wiped out Taadakasura with his own strength. Therefore, self-confidence and self-confidence come only from Karthik.

According to Shiva Purana, Kartik is celibate and his wife’s name is Devasena.

who can defeat lord shiva in battle
The Lord Shiva

Lord Ganesha is the younger son of Lord Shiva. He has the head of an elephant, hence he is also called Gajmukh. Lord Ganesha also has the title of first worshipper. They must be worshiped before any auspicious work. In the scriptures, they have been described as powerful and intelligent.

Lord Shiva has two daughters-in-law, Siddhi and Buddhi, the wife of Shri Ganesha. According to Shivpuran, she is the daughter of Prajapati Vishwaroop. In some places, the names of intelligence and accomplishment are also found. But in most of the texts Siddhi and Buddhi are considered to be the wives of Ganapati. Siddhi helps in tasks and success. Wisdom strengthens the mind in the path of knowledge.

According to the scriptures, Lord Ganesha has 2 sons. Auspicious and Profitable Logos Auspicious keeps our wealth and knowledge safe. He protects all the things earned by our hard work and does not allow them to decrease but keeps increasing them gradually and the job of profit control is to increase it. Profit gives us increased control over wealth, fame, etc.

Who Can Defeat Lord Shiva?

We know that everyone in this world has to die one day. No matter how much a person tries to save himself, no one can stop him from dying. Shivaay is God, he can stop us from dying. Every human being has to leave this world one day. This is the law of nature and everything God says. People should do good work. Do not discriminate against any person, do good work, God is with you.

That’s why all people have to leave this world one day but the one who created the world cannot leave this world, there is no end to it. So we all are created by God and one day we have to leave this world. But the one who created us is immortal. So your question is who can defeat lord shiva, no one can defeat Lord Shiva because as you understand, God has so much power that he can do anything with his power.

When God is the creator of the world and God has amazing power, then you tell me who can defeat Lord Shiva. Well, we also know that Lord Shiva had many battles in Shiva Purana. But still, Lord Shiva used to win even after losing, so tell me who can defeat Lord Shiva? No one can kill or defeat Lord Shiva who lives in the hearts of millions of people.

So in the same way, whether it is Lord Shiva or Lord Vishnu or all the gods like Hanuman ji and Ram ji, no one can defeat God nor can anyone kill him because only God can eliminate the evils and devils in the world.

All the religions of the world have their own Gods and the Gods of all peoples are immortal and mysteriously powerful. But all people have only one God and you will see that God only in this world. When you do good work, you will also help people and will not discriminate on the basis of caste and religion. etc., if you do all the good deeds, one day you will definitely meet God so you know once again no matter who God is, no one can defeat God.

Conclusion – who can defeat lord shiva

I hope you have read this article thoroughly and you have understood about your query who can defeat lord shiva. Because we have told in this article that no one can defeat God. If you know who can kill and defeat God, then in a way you too will become God, hence no one can defeat God.

So now you must understand that if you did not understand the answer of who can defeat lord shiva in battle, then read the article again, you will understand it better. By the way, let me tell you that if you have got the answer to your question then do good work. help people. Follow the path of God, because it is God who gives us life and it is God who kills us.


The purpose of writing this article is only to answer people’s questions about Lord Shiva and current events. This article does not discriminate against any caste, religion, or people in any way. The purpose of this article is only to give knowledge to the people.

After reading this article please do not discriminate between people of any God, religion, or caste. Because God is one but people believe in their own God, so those who believe in God are good. But those who People do not believe in God and if they do good deeds. God is with them. God is with every human being.

Therefore no one can defeat any God. If you want to know more about who can defeat lord shiva then you can meet a good guru at your religious place and ask him your questions. He will give you good and better answers to your questions. Thank you!

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