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Hello friends, as we know there are many people in history who have registered their names in history. So this is one of them Tenaliram who is very clever. In this article, we will understand the questions asked by you about who it was tenali rama, its history, stories, and tenali rama death, etc. If you are also interested in the history of India, then you should read this article thoroughly. So let us know the complete history of Tenali Ram in very simple language.

Tenali Rama History

Who was tenali rama Tenaliram’s full name is Chiniya Pandian Pandoram Ramakrishna. He was born on 22 September 1480 in Andhra Pradesh state of India. He was a special official in the Vijayanagara Empire and one of the 8 special poets and 8 special important characters present during the reign of Krishnadeva Raya. Like there used to be Navratna during the Akbar period. Similarly, during the reign of the ruler Krishnadeva Raya in the Vijayanagara Empire, there were eight important wise men, one of whom was Tenali Rama.

Tenaliram was born in a Hindu Brahmin family and tenali rama caste is Brahmin. He was born in Tenali place. That is why Tenali is added before his name. After his father’s death, he was raised by his uncle. It remained with him for a long time and his name was Ram Krishna, that is why Ramakrishna is also added to the name of Tenali Ram. And tenali rama was his father’s name Ganpati Ramayan, but his father died soon after. So his mother Dakshina took him to the Vijayanagara Empire.

Who is tenali rama I want to tell you friends that he was very great, and he was a very important poet. About Tenali Ramakrishna, he had received only nominal formal education in his life. But he loved education so much that despite not getting formal education, he acquired almost complete knowledge. And was known as a great scholar and was believed to be blessed by the Mother Goddess. Many such texts are prevalent. He had the blessings of Mother Goddess regarding this matter. He had received a boon from Mother Goddess.

About tenali ramakrishna in english Being from Brahmin religion, he had more worship towards Mother Goddess. Tenali rama history He kept worshiping it in his mind and Mata Rani was pleased with it and gave her promise. He was given a boon that his name would be included among the important poets of the Vijayanagara Empire. And despite not receiving any formal education, his name would be included among the most important poets of the time and that is exactly what Devi Maa had said. And we all know it too.

How Did Tenali Rama Save Vijay Nagar?

Friends, when Tenali Rama reached Vijayanagara Empire, he went there and joined a fair group. And after getting good luck, he got a chance in the Mela group which he joined. After hearing Tenali Rama’s wonderful introduction and his performance before King Krishnadeva Raya in the Vijayanagara Empire, King Krishnadeva Raya was very pleased and appointed him to a small post there. But later after knowing about his tenali rama ability and intelligence, he was given a special place and he was included among the eight important poets of his reign.

Tenali Ramakrishna, apart from being a great poet in Vijayanagara, also helped a lot in the war policies of King Krishnadeva Raya. And it is believed that once the Vijayanagara Empire was about to be captured by the Sultan of Delhi, Vijayanagara was almost defeated. Vijayanagar At that time, due to the intelligence of Tenali Ramakrishna, the Vijayanagar empire was saved and the slogan of King Krishnadev Rai was raised again.

Thus Tenali Rama gave his important time to the Vijayanagara Empire. And gave important knowledge and the Vijayanagara Empire was written in golden letters in Indian history. He had a big role in history and that is why it is believed that in TV serials, there is definitely some villain. It is written in the serial and also in the real history that during the time of Krishnadev Rai, there used to be an important poet, whose name was Lakshmi Umar Tathacharya, as you might have heard his name in TV serials, etc. 

That he tried very hard to humiliate Tenali Ram and this is also mentioned in history. But none of his efforts succeeded on Tenali Rama and Tenali Rama emerged as a great scholar and one of the most favorite people of Krishna Deva Raya.

How Did Tenali Rama Die?

When Krishnadeva Raya died in 1530, Tenali Rama left the Vijayanagara Empire and his beloved place forever. And Tenaliram returned to his home because his loyalty was completely towards King Krishnadeva Raya. And his vow towards Krishnadev Rai was such that after his death he too became very upset. And left the state and returned to his village. But it is believed that for some reason he was bitten by a snake and died on 5 August 1528. Thus the great scholar Tenila Tenali Rama died due to a snake bite.

And I want to tell that in the last moments when King Krishna Dev Rai was in his last days, he had to face a lot of problems. And it is believed that he was under a lot of mental stress. Well, there are many different facts prevalent on this. But the most important reason is that it is believed that before Raja Krishna Dev Rai died, he had become mentally disturbed. Had to face a lot of difficulties. He was in his last moments and thus died.

Tenali Rama Stories in English

As we know about Tenali Rama and tenali rama stories in books, in TV and we know that Tenali Rama was a very smart person. And he has taught a lesson to many bad people. He was such a great person that no one could compete with this Tenali Rama in the Vijayanagara Empire. So let us know some of the following stories of Tenali Rama story, knowing which you will also become very smart.

1. Tenali Raman Small Story in English (Heaven on Earth)

Many years ago there was a kingdom named Bijaynagar. This state was ruled by King Krishnadev Rai. He was a very good king. He always wanted to keep his subjects happy. He used to make good decisions to do every work properly. There were many intelligent people and brave warriors in his court. Tenali Rama was the most intelligent and good personality in the court. Tenaliram was very clever and was also a wise advisor to the king. But all the courtiers were very jealous of Tenalirama.

One day the court was full. All the courtiers were waiting to hear from the king. King Krishnadev Rai wanted to say something to his courtiers. The king said, My dear royal courtiers and all present, in my childhood I was told about such a place. And I also heard that it is really a very beautiful and peaceful place. When I asked where that place was, I was told that it was heaven. Now I want to see that place so can anyone tell me where that place is? Tenali Rama don’t you know where heaven is?

Tenaliram said, Maharaj, I know where heaven is, but to show you, I need 10000 gold coins and 2 months time, Maharaj. Hearing Tenaliram’s words, all the people present in the court started laughing, and then the Maharaja told all the people to stop laughing. Tenali does not say anything without thinking. The king accepted Tenaliram’s offer and gave Tenaliram 10,000 gold coins and 2 months’ time. But if you are not able to do this after two months tenali rama, then you will get the harshest punishment. Do you agree? Then Tenali Rama said to Maharaj, as you say Maharaj?

2 months passed. The king was very angry at Tenali because he did not come to the court. Not only this, but even today Tenali Rama did not come to the court, so as per the king’s orders, Tenali immediately reached the court and said, Maharaj, I am right here. The king said what I told you to find. Have you found that place and when will you show me that place? Tenali said, I have found it. Maharaj, I will show you that place tomorrow. You are ready to see heaven.

The next day King Krishnadev Rai, Tenali Ram, and some ministers and soldiers left the palace to see that forest. Tenaliram took them to a beautiful place. Tenali Rama said to Maharaj, Maharaj, we should rest here for some time. Then we will go to heaven. The king said, Well, this place is beautiful, so soldiers, prepare a place for me to rest. The king said, Minister, I am enjoying living here in this forest. It’s beautiful, it’s a very beautiful and peaceful place. It was because of Tenali Ram that I got the opportunity to come here.

Maharaj said, but why didn’t Tenaliram tell me about this forest earlier? The minister said, Maharaj, I thought that you would already know this forest. But Maharaj Tenaliram had promised to show you heaven, so what happened to his promise, Maharaj? The king said, Minister, you are right, where is Tenaliram, I have not seen him since yesterday. The minister said I do not think that Maharaj Tenali Rama will come now because you have given him a bag full of gold. Maharaj said, stop talking nonsense and search for him. Maharaj, look over there, Tenaliram is coming!

Tenali Rama ji asked Maharaj to eat this mango first. Then I will tell you something. The king ate the mangoes and said that the taste of mangoes was very good. Tenaliram, where did you get this? Very good very good tenalirama tenali rama. You were going to show me heaven so what, where is it, sir?

Tenali Ram said, Maharaj, this beautiful Shristi, lush greenery, fresh cool breeze, colorful dancing flowers, light rain, and delicious fruits, all this will not be there even in heaven. When God has given us all this which is more than heaven, Maharaj. So why should we think about heaven which does not exist, just think Maharaj. The king said, “It is true, Tenali, this earth is truly heaven.”

Then the king said, Tenali, what did you do with 10000 gold coins? So Tenali said, Maharaj, it is not enough that this place is like heaven. Think about our Vijayanagara state, don’t you wish that Vijayanagara state should also be like heaven? So I have bought some seeds and saplings, which will be planted everywhere in Vijayanagara so that the people of Vijayanagara can enjoy the paradise. What could be more beautiful than this, Maharaj? Maharaj said, Tenali, you have done a very good job, Tenali Rama, if you had not been there, I would never have understood that heaven is in our creation.

Tenali Raman and Heaven on Earth Story Moral

So the Tenali Raman and Heaven on Earth story is moral. Now you all must have known that nature is like heaven. Plant trees and live happily.

2. Tenali Raman Small Story in English (The Most Valuable Thing)

This was the day when everyone was cheering for Vijayanagara. People were saying Jai Ho Jai Ho because once King Krishnadev Rai had conquered the kingdom of Orissa. And after the victory when they were returning to Vijayanagar, then the people of the entire kingdom were very happy and people were eager to welcome Vijayanagar. The king’s court had gathered to celebrate the victory.

The king said, My dear ministers, I am very happy today. This victory is very special for us. Therefore we should celebrate victory. But what to do, said the minister, Your Majesty, there should be a victory pillar with special carvings to commemorate the victory in the state. The king said this is a very good idea. Immediately call the royal artist and order him to start the work of Vijay Stambh.

As per the king’s orders, the work of Vijay Stambh started. The artist worked hard day and night to create very beautiful pillars. After a few days, on a special day, the king inaugurated the Victory Column in the kingdom. The king said, My dear subjects and my ministers, the soldiers. I have built this pillar as a symbol of my victory. Everyone should respect this place and always keep this place clean and neat. People said, that whatever order the king gave was right. Our artist Sundar Vardhan has created a very beautiful artwork on this pillar. That’s why I want to reward them. Artist, ask for what you want.

The artist said, Maharaj, you have given me a very good opportunity. I am very happy with what you have given me. That is enough for me. I don’t want anything else. Maharaj said, don’t say that artist, you will have to take something. At least I have to get something. As the king said, the artist held the empty bag in front of the king. And the artist said, Maharaj, fill this bag with the most precious thing in the world. The king said this is the most precious thing. Diamonds or gems, whatever you want, I will give you. Because it’s nothing compared to your work.

The artist said, Maharaj, whatever you said is for the welfare of the world because its value is necessary in the world. What I have asked for is more precious than this world. If you find it and give it to me, I will definitely accept it. The king wondered what he was asking for. The king said I think Tenali Rama is the right person to answer this question. But Tenali is not here today so you will have to come to the court tomorrow. I will reward you with the most precious thing you have asked for. The artist said, as per your orders, Maharaj.

The next day, the soldiers went to Tenali Rama’s house and told him about the king’s problem, and asked him to come to the court. While the king, artists, and ministers were waiting, Tenali Rama arrived at the royal court. The king said, Tenali, this artist has asked for the most precious thing in the world. Tenali Rama tell me what is the most valuable thing in this world.

Tenaliram said, whatever happened, I have heard everything, Maharaj. Don’t worry at all. Tenali Ram said, Artist, give me your bag. So the artist gave his bag to Tenali. Tenali Ram closed the mouth of the empty bag and gave it to the artist. Artist, listen, this bag contains the most precious thing in the world, which you asked for. Accept it. The artist said, thank you and told the Maharaja that I am leaving.

The king started wondering why he thanked Tenali and after getting the bag, why did he leave the court with the empty bag without saying anything? The king said, Tenaliram, the artist who refused to accept diamonds and gems. How did he take the empty bag from you? Tenali said, this was not an empty bag at all, Maharaj, it was filled with the pure and invisible air of Vijayanagara.

Which was ruled by the supremely victorious king Krishnadev Rai. Maharaj, no human being can survive without air. That is why the artist has considered air the most valuable thing. The king said, Tenali Ram, there is no answer to your wisdom. It is the destiny of Vijayanagar to have you and you will never get leave from the royal court. You are very good, Tenaliram Tenali, without you no work can be completed in this royal court.

Tenali Raman and The Most Valuable Thing Story Moral

Tenali Raman and the most valuable thing story moral is. Dear people, no matter how bad the situation is, focus on it. Surely you will get a good situation for him.

Tenali Rama Story Book in English and Hindi

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I hope that you have read this article completely and understood about Tenali Rama. If you know more information about Tenali Ram then you can tell us. In this article, we have thoroughly answered all your questions about Tenali Rama history, who is tenali rama, Tenali Rama story in English, Tenali Ramakrishna stories moral, etc. Therefore, if you want to know more about Tenali Rama, then you can buy the book of Tenali Rama. Children become very clever after reading Tenali Ramakrishna stories, so you can buy Tenali Ramakrishna stories books for your child.

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