what is the role of the brain in reflex action

What Is the Role of the Brain in Reflex Action?

Hello, 10th-class students and friends who are preparing for any exam or doing anything in their life and don’t know about the reflex action of the brain you ask or write everywhere that reflex action of the brain what is the role of the brain in reflex action and you still do not get the answer properly and you are not able to understand the part of brain function well then in this article we will go through the Class 10th NCERT Brain Function Answer in a simple way.

What Is the Role of the Brain in Reflex Action Class 10

We respond certainly to anything. For any reason and we know that something will happen by doing this, only then do we react suddenly.

If we understand the reflex action of the brain in simple language, then the sudden fast, and involuntary reaction that occurs in our body according to an event in the environment is called reflex action.

Now you must have understood what is brain reflex action, so now you will not ask what is the role of the brain in reflex action class 10th NCERT because I have read you from NCERT and told you about reflex action. So let’s know its examples to know more.

The Role of the Brain in Reflex Action Ncert Example

If you want to understand the reflex action, then you have to understand its example very well because in the exam there are examples along with your replace action, so let’s understand the example of your query what is the role of brain in reflex action easily.

  1. You are sitting comfortably in your classroom and the friend behind you pricks you with a pen, you will jerk or pull your body part suddenly?
  2. Suppose, you go to the kitchen and you don’t know whether the pan or any utensil is hot and you touch that utensil, then you will suddenly move your hand away from the hot utensil.
  3. In the same way, suppose you are walking on the way without slippers and you get pricked by a sharp object or a thorn, then you will suddenly lift your leg upwards.

All these actions that I have given in the example. It’s all reflex action. We cannot stop the reflex action. It doesn’t happen according to our wishes. It is an involuntary response.

Reflex Action Diagram with Label and Explanation

Look at this diagram carefully and if you want to make a picture of reflex action, then you can make a picture of reflex action by seeing this picture four or five times.

what is the role of brain in reflex action
The brain in reflex action

In this picture, you are seeing a boiler that touches our hand and then what reaction happens in our body and which part of our nervous system controls it. So let us understand this diagram easily.

Before that, we have to recall. In our previous class studies, we have studied in small classes that our sensory organs are mainly the five sense organs in our body.

  1. Skin: The skin is the nerve sensor for whatever changes in the environment are cold or hot in our body.
  2. Nose: The nose is any or any kind of smell to sense the smell.
  3. Tongue: The tongue is about any kind of taste.
  4. Eyes: Eyes to see the light.
  5. Ears: Ears to hear any kind of sound.

Now we come back to the topic and we know how reflex action is controlled. How does the action take place in our body?

We know that our central nervous system has two parts. The first is the spinal cord and the second is the brain. The brain is in our skull and the spinal cord is inside our spinal cord.

The message will go through our hands. The sensory nerve cells in the spinal cord and the spinal cord protect our spinal cord and it mostly controls the reflex action.

And what work the spinal cord takes next, what action it takes and that decision will go through the efferent nerve cell to the motor nerve cell. Motivator who gives inspiration What work to do next?

The motor neuron cell will go to the muscles of our arm and there will be movement in those muscles. There will be speed. That muscle will begin to contract and expand. The message has reached here. After that, we will remove our hands.

What Is the Reflex Arc?

The path followed by a reflex action is called a reflex arc. That is, the path through which the message comes back to the muscles from different parts is called a reflex arc.

We looked at the diagram and understood that in this picture the control spinal cord does not have any role in the brain. The spinal cord will send a message to the brain that such an action has taken place and the work of the brain is to think ahead that what happened, why did it happen, otherwise it would have hurt. It is only a matter of thinking. It is controlled only by the spinal cord.

Why Does the Spinal Cord Control Reflex Action?

You must be wondering that most of the functions in our body are controlled by the brain, then why only the spinal cord controls the reflex action, this is because if the message goes to the brain and then comes back when there is an injury. It will take a long time and we will be at a loss. If this is possible, then this type of work leads to such a system in our body that the spinal cord controls the reflex action.

There are some reflex actions that are also controlled by the brain. For example, suppose you are sitting in a dark room and a member of your family suddenly points the torchlight on your face, then you will blink your eyes without wanting to, this reflex action will be controlled by the brain.

This is also a region because the eye has a brain. If the spinal cord is far away, then such reflex action is controlled by the brain. Most of the rest of the reflex actions that we have in our hands or feet are controlled by the spinal cord.


I hope you have come to know about reflex action and now you will not have the query of what is the role of the brain in reflex action for class 10th NCERT in your mind. You read this article again and again until you know about reflex action, keep reading this article will help you a lot in the exam.

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