how would you explain the rise of napoleon

How Would You Explain the Rise of Napoleon

If you are a student or preparing for any competitive exam, many important questions from history definitely come in your exam. So if you want to pass the exam with good marks, you can read this complete article. In this article, we will learn about Napoleon Bonaparte and questions asked by students about how would you explain the rise of Napoleon. And how would you explain the rise of Napoleon class 9 history? So you must know about Napoleon because this is a significant chapter for your examination.

Who Was Napoleon Bonaparte

At the time of the French Revolution, there was turmoil in French politics. So Napoleon Bonaparte, one of the greatest conquerors in history, was yearning for himself. That short man was seeing a bright future for France in himself.

Napoleon Bonaparte was born in 1769 on the island of Corsica. Her father Charles Bonaparte belonged to an aristocratic family of France. Napoleon completed his education at the Military Academy and due to his interest, he skilled himself in the knowledge related to artillery.

Napoleon began his career in the French army in 1785 when he was appointed the second allotment in the French artillery department. He first demonstrated his fighting skills at the Battle of Toulon in 1793. This war took place between revolutionaries and royalists.

Due to his heroic performance in this battle, Napoleon was promoted from Captain to Brigadier. This was the time when Italy was occupied by Austria. In 1796 the French Directory decided to send French troops to help Italy. So that Italy could be saved from the clutches of Austria.

How Did Napoleon Bonaparte Become Famous?

Napoleon Bonaparte is famous because of this when Napoleon was made the commander of the army. Then Napoleon Bonaparte defeated Austria with his skilled strategic ability and war art and this incident made him the hero of France.

Napoleon received a grand welcome in France on his return from Italy. Napoleon’s popularity increased so much that even the Directory itself began to fear him. Shortly after this war, political instability increased in France and the Directory lost political control in 1799. Taking advantage of this opportunity, Napoleon Bonaparte seized power from the Directorate and dissolved it.

How Did Napoleon Implement the New Constitution in France?

Napoleon dissolved the government and formed three councils in its place. One of these three councils was Napoleon. Along with these councils, he made a new constitution in France and sent that constitution to the public for a referendum.

Because Napoleon’s popularity was so high that the public approved the Constitution. Seeing the increasing power of Napoleon, others were becoming cautious. In these countries, Britain, Russia, and Austria together planned to remove Napoleon from power. In 1802, there was a war between Napoleon and these countries but everyone came together and made a peace agreement. And no country won or lost. This treaty is called the Treaty of Amiens.

After this war, Napoleon devoted all his energy to maintaining peace in France. His objective was to provide a strong and permanent rule to France. In the economic reforms he carried out one new reform after another in France, he tried to uplift France from its dilapidated economic system. In this work, he first strengthened the tax system.

He limited the work of collecting taxes only to the central employees. And banned unfair profits from bribery, speculation, and contracting. He built roads and canals in France and also established a national bank which also provided loans to the people.

Napoleon Bonaparte’s Centralization

In educational reforms, he started emphasizing nationalism and adopted secularism in education. Napoleon wanted such citizens who would have faith in him and his system.

In administrative reforms, Napoleon reduced bribery and centralized governance and abolished department and district governments. In fact, these reforms were anti-revolution. Because the National Assembly had decentralized the administration during the Revolution and Napoleon was now centralizing again.

His aim in religious reforms was to increase religious tolerance. The Pope was angry with the state and incited the people to revolution. Napoleon Bonaparte made a deal with the Pope. This agreement is called concordat. In this agreement, they accepted Catholicism as the state religion. And the arrested priests were released.

Apart from all this, this was Napoleon’s biggest reform to date. The Napoleonic Code was actually the rules and regulations of the King in France before the Revolution. To overcome this, Napoleon gave a proper systematic form to the legal system. Under this, civil court, criminal court, trade code, etc. were important.

In this revolution, all citizens were seen equally. Napoleon himself considered these codes more powerful than the wars he fought. In this way, as a result of his reforms, Napoleon organized France. And further strengthened the political system. Napoleon is known as the greatest conqueror in history.

How Would You Explain the Rise of Napoleon Class 9th History?

Question number 6 is given from Class 9th History Chapter First French Revolution. How are you explaining the rise of Napoleon? Meaning we have to explain how Napoleon came to power. What did Napoleon do? What did Napoleon do and what did he not do in France after coming to power? We have to tell all this in this question, so let us know the answer in simple language.

Napoleon Bonaparte had come to France in 1804 and now he was going to rule France according to his own will.

He started conquering all the neighboring countries. And then he placed a member of his family in the conquered kingdom. Suppose, when he occupied Germany, he appointed a member of his family to manage Germany. And Napoleon expanded his parliament.

Napoleon was a modernist type, so he made many laws with his new technologies, hence he was called the modernizer of Europe. If a question like fill in the blank comes that who is called the model of Europe then you write the answer of Napoleon Bonaparte.

He was called a modernist because of the laws he implemented, so as we know, he got many laws discussed. To protect private property, if people were rich or were traders. At that time their personal property could not be seized because they had security. So rich people who were businessmen started supporting them.

At the same time, what used to happen in earlier times, like when we used to buy our potatoes, people did not ask us to weigh the potatoes or other things. Then Napoleon made everything equal in his city. And if anyone did wrong and sold something, he was punished severely, so he implemented the weight system.

Napoleon was in power for 11 years and after that, the Battle of Waterloo took place in 1815. Napoleon was defeated in that war.

how would you explain the rise of napoleon class 9
How would you explain the rise of napoleon short answer

This was the summary and answer of Napoleon, you can write this in your exam and what I have written in the article is to make you understand. You can remember the answers from the picture given above and write them in your exam. It is important for all of you students to get good marks in the exam so it is important for you to remember this answer.


I hope you got the answer to your question how would you explain the rise of Napoleon? How would you explain the rise of Napoleon class 9th history I told you about how Napoleon struggled in his life to become the king. And how he killed his enemies and how he captured other countries etc. Thank you for reading this article and learning about Napoleon Bonaparte.

Only if you read this article carefully, you will know about Napoleon Bonaparte. If you did not understand this article then you can read this article again. If you read the article two or three times, you will know how would you explain the rise of Napoleon and Napoleon Bonaparte.


Who defeated Napoleon 1?

The person who defeated Napoleon was very powerful because defeating Napoleon was not a matter for children. So the name of the person who defeated Napoleon was Arthur Wellesley, the 1st Duke of Wellington. Arthur Wellesley had defeated Napoleon.

Why is Napoleon so special?

Napoleon was so famous because he wrote his own success. He had a passion since childhood that one day he would do something big and he created his own history and became the emperor of France. Napoleon was never afraid of difficulties and continued to face them fearlessly.

How old was Napoleon when she died?

We all know how brave Napoleon was and the hardships he had to face since his childhood. He wrote his destiny in his childhood and worked hard in his life. But as we know we all have to leave this world one day. Napoleon died at the age of 51. He died on the island of Saint Helena.

No one can take anything from this world after death. Similarly, Napoleon was also out of power and his administration collapsed. The laws and other things made by Napoleon were destroyed.

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